Manufacturing Processes

Label Cutting Processes

Since 2000 MSI has been expert in tight tolerance steel rule die cutting. Our stated standards include +-.010 tolerances for print to print, print to cut and final dimensions. Working with the best die makers in the United States ensures that MSI can handle your most demanding overlay and nameplate applications. Since 2000 all die cutting registration has been done with camera registration to ensure accurate and consistent alignment throughout the entire job. There is no human registration. 100% of each job will align the same on your bezels ensuring that your overlays have virtually perfect fit, form and function. LED’s and display windows align perfectly on every part. You will not find any variance as cameras registers all parts 100% of the time.

MSI is also a pioneer in multi-stage steel rule die cutting. Because steel rule dies displace the polycarbonate when cutting through the part, internal cutouts that are close together must be cut in stages rather than in one die. This ensures that the area between the cavities is not damaged during the cutting process. MSI can use multi-stage dies because of our accurate registration systems. Several things set MSI apart from the rest of the label industry when digital cutting. Like our steel rule die cutting, our digital cutting presses cut tight tolerance polycarbonate overlays and nameplates to +-.010 tolerances using the most advanced camera registration systems in the world. Both the digital blade cutters and the lasers hold cutting dimensions of +-.010 on even the most intricate polycarbonate overlays and nameplates. At MSI we are experts in cutting all kinds of materials polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl and plastics in thicknesses from .001 up to .125.