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Backlit Overlays by Marking Systems

Dead Front and Backlit Overlays

By Admin User / July 13, 2022

At Marking Systems, custom overlay manufacturing is one of the main parts of our business. They’re the most recognizable component on your product and give it the “look.” They’re your first impression! And you know what people say about first impressions. That’s why overlays are so important. But that’s not the only reason. Sure, they’re…

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The Metallic nameplates: More than just a pretty face by Marking system

Metallic nameplates: More than just a pretty face

By Admin User / June 23, 2022

Metallic nameplates aren’t just an eye-catching statement, they are a durable product that stands the test of time. At MSI, we have developed and perfected a production method that enhances our polycarbonate overlays with a beautiful metallic look. Nameplates are often the most recognizable component of a product. It is crucial to not only display…

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The meta beam laser machine, Garland Tx

How to Cut Thick Lenses

By Admin User / November 30, 2020

MSI’s new 400-watt laser is perfect for cutting polycarbonate/polyester lenses up to .25 thick. The product label materials that this laser can cut cleanly and efficiently include: .25 thick Polycarbonate .125 thick Stainless Steel .090 thick Aluminum .25 thick Mild Metal 1″ Thick Plastics Our new Coherent laser features 100% automated camera registration for a…

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The black color Precision Printing and Cutting by Marketing system Inc

Precision Printing/Cutting

By Admin User / November 30, 2020

What this really means is: Print to print (color to color) is ± .010”. This means that your LED and LCD windows line up perfectly on every overlay. Print to cut (colors registered to cutting die) is ± .010”. Cutting dimensions ± .010”. So how does Marking Systems hold these tight tolerances on your product…

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